Google’s next ‘big’ product: A debit card

Google’s next ‘big’ product: A debit card

Internet search giant Google is one of those tech companies that has a super diversified portfolio and it seems that the next product that the company is gearing up to include under its umbrella is a debit card. Two separate reports seem to give more details about that.

First, a report by TechCrunch reported that the company is developing both physical and virtual debit cards that will come co-branded with different banks such as Citi or Stanford Federal Credit Union. The report claims that this card will be linked with a Google app — allegedly Google Pay — that will keep a track of all the purchases they do with the card.

The report even claims to provide a look at what the card may appear to be as it states it may not be the final design. The card is said to contain a Visa chip even though it may come with support for MasterCard as well. As per the report, users will be able both add and transfer money from their account using Google app by enabling a fingerprint and PIN for account security.

After the Google card is connected to a bank account, the report claims that users will have the option to use both a virtual card as well as the physical card. For using the virtual version, they will be required to use Bluetooth mobile payments and by using the physical card, they will be able to make contactless payments, by holding it up to a card reader.

The second report comes from 9to5Google, which claims that the support for the alleged Google Card has appeared on its web browser Google Chrome.

As per the report, Chromium Gerrit source code management contains a new flag that talks about the “Google-issued” payment cards. “Enable Autofill Google-issued card When enabled, Google-issued cards will be available in the autofill suggestions,” reads the code.

This means that in the future if a Google card user is making a purchase on Google Chrome, the web browser will automatically make this card appear as an autofill option if the Chrome browser is linked to your Google account.

As of now, there is no official word on the development of the Google card.