Here’s all you need to know How to file a Consumer Complaint online

Here’s all you need to know How to file a Consumer Complaint online

There may be times when you, as a consumer, may not be satisfied with the product of a certain brand or the services received from your favourite brand or company. You may feel cheated in terms of product quality, service offered. However, despite the frustration of having been taken for a ride,an unsatisfied customer, at times may not even report the same. In that case, you can definitely seek redressal by filing a consumer complaint case.

One may file different kinds of complaint depending on the issues. The details of classification are available on visiting the website. After understanding the nuances, all the necessary documents related to the same may be submitted. One need not always have to send physical copies to the consumer forum office. Uploading the documents online and filing the complaint online have taken away the pain out of the process.


Consumer Protection Act guarantees six consumer rights: 

  1. Right to Safety which involves the right to be protected from the marketing of goods and services which can pose a threat to one’s life and property.
  2.  Right to be informed: In order to save the consumer from unfair trade practices, he has all the right to be informed about the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of goods or services.
  3. Right to Choose which ensures he has the right to access varieties of goods as well as services.
  4. Right to be heard where the consumer has all the right to be heard and all his interests will receive due consideration at appropriate forums.
  5. Right to seek Redressal against any unfair trade practices or anything which may lead to customers exploitation.
  6. Right to Consumer Education which helps one to be an informed consumer throughout their life and which may also prevent them from exploitation.

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