Key Things To Know About Filing An Online Claim For Provident Fund Withdrawal

Key Things To Know About Filing An Online Claim For Provident Fund Withdrawal

Employees’ Provident Fund or EPF, a government-run pension scheme, is focused on salaried individuals. Companies employing more than 20 people have to compulsorily make contributions towards EPF. Retirement fund body Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) allows the subscriber to make a partial withdrawal from the EPF corpus under certain conditions, according to its website – Such a claim is forwarded to the employer for approval. Once approved, the amount is credited to the subscriber’s account within 10 days, according to the EPFO portal.

Here are key things subscribers need to know before filing an online claim for a withdrawal from their provident fund (PF) account:

Requirements for subscribers for filing an online claim for PF withdrawal

1. In order to file an online claim for partail withdrawal from the EPF corpus, the subscriber must ensure that the Universal Account Number (UAN) is activated using the registered mobile number.


2. The subscriber’s Aadhaar details should be fed into the EPFO database.

3. The member’s bank account along with Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) should also be seeded in the EPFO database.

4. The member is not required to give any supporting document while preferring online EPF partial withdrawal case.

Here are some of the conditions in which an online claim for PF withdrawal is allowed:

Types of advance Service eligibility
Housing Loan / Purchase of Site / House / Flat or for construction / addition 60 months of service
Lockout or closure of factory 0
Illness of member / family 0
Marriage of self/son/daughter /brother/sister 84 months of service
Post matriculation education of children 84 months of service
Natural Calamity 0
Cut in electricity in establishment 0
Purchasing equipment by physically handicapped 0
One year before retirement Age above 54 years
Investment in Varistha Pension Bima Yojana Age above 55 years

How to initiate an online PF withdrawal claim:

Step 1: The user must log in to the member interface using UAN credentials.

Step 2: The user must ensure that the KYC and service eligibility conditions are correct and complete.

Step 3: After this step, the user is required to select the relevant claim.

Step 4: The user then authenticates the request to complete the online claim submission through an OTP-based process.


Source:- ndtv