Mitron, a TikTok clone, returns to Google Play store after design changes

Mitron, a TikTok clone, returns to Google Play store after design changes

Mitro app, the so-called Made in India alternative of TikTok, is back on Google Play store after it was removed due to violating privacy policies. Google in its statement had mentioned that if developers at Mitron fix the issues, the app can be resubmitted and will be back again.

Google in its statement had said, “A number of recent app removals received particular attention in India and we wanted to clarify our actions. Earlier this week, we removed a video app for a number of technical policy violations. We have an established process of working with developers to help them fix issues and resubmit their apps. We’ve given this developer some guidance and once they’ve addressed the issue the app can go back up on Play.”

Mitron is developed by an IIT student who goes by the Shivank Agarwal. We tried reaching out to him but couldn’t find his presence anywhere. We also emailed at the given email ID on the Play store but didn’t receive a response from the developer’s end.

Mitron app received a great response and was downloaded by millions of people. However, the app was under scrutiny after a Pakistani coding company dismissed claims of Mitron being a made in India app and said the source code of the app is developed by them.

Irfan Sheikh, the source code provider of Mitron had told that the app has security flaws as the developer didn’t make any changes to the code after purchasing it for $34 or Rs 2,500. Sheikh has also said that the developer didn’t even bother to change the privacy policies of the app before uploading it to Play store.

We checked the app now and see new changes updated to the privacy policy. Issues such as video upload and others have also been fixed. Before the removal of the app, Mitron had 4.5 stars on Play store but now its rating has been dropped to 3.7.


Source:- indianexpress