TRAI’s new Best Fit Plan: What is it, how to get it and everything you need to know

TRAI’s new Best Fit Plan: What is it, how to get it and everything you need to know

The new DTH regulations implemented by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) haven’t been well received by the subscribers across the country. Since the new regulations came into effect from February 1, 2019, people have taken to Twitter to complain about the new rules. It has been found that the new regulations had led to higher TV bills than before instead of lowering the TV bills as promised. TRAI certainly took notice and recently came up with some amendments to the new DTH regulations.

On Tuesday, TRAI came up with some information regarding the new rules. It also suggested new ways to help DTH and cable operators to rope in remaining subscribers into the new regulations. One of the ways mentioned was the new Best Fit Plan. The Best Fit Plan is supposed to get those subscribers on board with the new rules who haven’t made the switch to the new regulations. However, the best Fit Plan brings along a lot of things and if you want to be clarified with whatever the new plan offers, check out the details below.


What is Best Fit Plan

According to TRAI’s official press release, “The ‘Best Fit Plan’ shall be designed based on Consumers’ usage pattern and language spoken. It should preferably be a blended combination of various Genres, while making ‘Best Fit Plan’ for a subscriber, DPOs should ensure that payout per month of the ‘Best Fit Plan’ generally does not exceed the payout per month of existing tariff plan of the subscriber.” 

In simple words, the Best Fit Plan is essentially a customised channel pack that the DTH and cable operator has to offer the remaining subscribers for making the switch to new regulations. The plan will contain only those channels that the particular subscriber prefers. Operators will also have to keep in mind that the Best Fit Plan doesn’t exceed the current bill amount of the subscriber.

In short, the Best Fit Plan will be a collation of a subscriber’s favourite channels under the new regulations without exceeding the current bill amount.

Who is eligible for Best Fit Plan

Only those DTH and cable operators who have not yet switched to the new DTh regulations implemented from February 1, 2019 will be eligible for the Best Fit Plan for now. The plan will only be offered by the service operator.

What are the special features of the Best Fit Plan

–The plan will offer only those channels according to the subscriber’s preferences. For example, if you as a subscriber prefer to watch Bengali channels apart from Hindi and English channels, the plan will offer the prominent channels from all the genres.

–The plan will offer an equivalent or even lower bill than the existing TV bill.

What if you don’t choose the Best Fit Plan?

–According to TRAI’s statement, the Best Fit Plan will automatically be implemented if the subscriber doesn’t choose it.

–The deadline for actively choosing the Best Fit Plan is March 31, 2019.

— The subscribers’ old plan shall continue till either subscriber exercise his/her option, or he/she is migrated to the Best Fit Plan.

— Subscribers will be free to change their Best Fit Plan at any date and time on or before March 31, 2019.

— Operators shall convert their Best Fit Plan into the desired channel pack within 72 hours from the time choice exercised by the subscriber.


Source:- indiatoday